by Patti Yabut

The creative industry’s awaited color of the year announcement came with the holiday breeze. And it’s on the other side of the color wheel from last season’s rose quartz and serenity. Pantone unveiled the zesty yellowy-green shade (#15-0343) in the hopes to refresh, reinvent, and reinvigorate the spirit as we ring in the new year. Greenery just reminds us of lush summer forests and tropical greenery, thus, the name. We got too excited and listed down our top four favorite “Greenery” Outfits from our Spring Summer 2017 show!



1.) Greenery, Literally (Casa Le Fay)

Take it to the next level and wear Greenery, literally. Dresses in different tropical and floral prints are very trendy right now. Just make sure it’s the perfect print in the right structure and silhouette. Avoid huge popping prints that will make you look like a walking wallpaper.




2.) Bright Mix and Match (TKC Design)

Go all out vibrant colors and mix it up with more colors. A bright yellow ensemble would be a perfect fit for a greenery outerwear! This can be tricky though, make sure the colors are not clashing way too much or tone it down to just a few colors. Add a little more fun with pins and patches.




3.) Plains and Print (Alex S Yu)

Mix a plain greenery bottoms with fun tops in cool prints. You can’t probably go wrong with that. Play with it and accessorize with fur stoles or wraps and even add your favorite cartoon characters! In this case power rangers!!




4.) Tropical Greenery (Atira)

Justify greenery’s tropical summer vibe with crocheted crop tops with fringes and ripped denim shorts accessorized with real actual greenery! Perfect for your first summer getaway for the year 2017.