by Patti Yabut

There’s more to a fashion color palette than black. Don’t get me wrong through, we do love the occassional black outfits but it’s always nice to spice it up a little bit with a few pops of colors here and there. Every season calls for new color directions to look forward to, and SS17 isn’t any different. The first three colors shows the the difference of warmness and coolness of tones. First two, Magma Coral and Honey yellow are bold, warm and vibrant. While the third one is cool and icy.


1.) Magma Coral

Is it red? Is it orange? No it’s coral and we’re obsessed with it! When you’re torn between sexy red and vibrant orange, remember that there are tons of colors in between. Seriously, tons! Magma Coral stands out in whatever fabric and works well as a print. It’s shades of pinks embroidered with fiery red undertones.



2.) Honey Yellow

Probably the sweetest kind of yellow. A little less bold than our first color, Honey Yellow has the right amount vibrance, brightness and warmth. It goes well with just about any kind of fabric, from fuzzy wools to glossy silks. It’s saturated yellows warmed up with gold and amber tones.



3.) Heather

Heather in pale purple hues with cooling blue undertones, balances the warmth of the three colors with an icy and pastel finish. It’s subtle and minimal vibe fits best with soft and flowy silhouettes, giving it a slight hint of femininity.

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