In the height of fast fashion, the creativity in modern fashion is sometimes disregarded. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the truth. Gone are those days when couture and intricately hand-crafted pieces are what defines fashion. Now these are just mere eye-candy, admired but not supported. That’s why it’s great to come across brands that still knows the value of art and uniqueness in our daily wear.

Photo from Ana Pattrice by Patti Yabut

Distinctive and creative. Founder and creative director of Ana Pattrice, Patti Yabut, started painting bags and clothing in 2010. 6 years later she decided to share her art with the world through the birth of Ana Pattrice. The House is inspired by uniqueness and individuality which is why they do not mass produce. Each piece is a work of art and is exclusive to each costumer.


In their first collection of hand painted bags and envelope clutches launched in late 2016, each piece has their own unique hand-crafted prints in contrasting colors. Inspired by home towns and deep emotions, each bag is a one of a kind cathartic release. The prints are painted using their signature three-dimensional paint.

Their second collection is going to be introduced in the Summer of 2017 together with the launch of their new products of silk screened scarves, featuring uniquely designed prints on hand crafted silk.